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so does SJG favor snowboarders???

what's up with that article...how 'bout

a little love for the skiers on this board??


anyway, i would like to see a boarder

straight line a mogul run, and we will

see who has the knees...

(flames start here...if you don't know

what i'm talkin' about, read the ski-bot

article by the Chairman of the Board...)



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No favoritism for either skiers or snowboarders here, danz.


The Chairman seems to have another point of view, but that's what he's all about anyway. Very lighthearted feature in the run up to the season as the vast majority of us are waiting for that snow to arrive.


Feel free to send in your own skiers-flavored feature at any time.


As always, the views of the article writer may not be the same as that of SJG. smile.gif



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That made me laugh, and Im a skier too.

Just you wait, snowboarding will be "out" of fashion in a while and skiing will rise once again!


I can feel the heat from the flames aleady.

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