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board: K2, electra

bindings: burton, custom freestyle (had to mix some old bindings)

boot: vans

pants: foresquare

jacket: saleva, alpine xtreme

goggels: oakley

cap: no name

protection pants: dainese

gloves: reusch


the price matters!!!

i could buy all things pretty pricy, but i think most of them are great quality!


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Is this a fashion column?


You people sound worse than those chicks down on Shibuya-dori checkin' themselves out in the mirror.


The question is...do you know how to use any of that sh-t!

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Bogoff "jacksontheo".


No, it's not a fashion column it's just people sharing ideas about what equipment they use on the slopes. Pretty relevant if you ask me.


Burton & Oakley gear for me, by the way

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for me...


Board: Nitro

Binding: Drake

Boots: DC Revolution 2(This is really good boots!)

Outerwear: FSQ

Glasses: Oakleys

Goggle: Iris


No snow on Mt. (Oh, God!We need snow!!) why we cannot talk about gears & fasion...

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ahhh why not... its all relevant


board- burton fl 162

bindings- burton custom

boots- soloman synapse... ultra mega cumfy! highly recommended

pants- sims

jacket- burton

gloves- burton

goggles- spy

bini- forum

thermals- helly

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for the skiers...


skis: Rossi 9spro

Binding: ESS

Boots: Head World Cup

jacket: TNF

pants: Sierra Designs

gloves: el cheapo brand

goggles: smith





pray for snow

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While waiting for da powda.. why not;


board - burtonx2

bindings - salomon&burton

boots - ride&burton

pants - burton

jacket - peperoni

goggles - smith

hat - made by mom back in '85 (still fits!)

gloves - can't see under all that ducktape..


Man, my ears are still hurting after last night - thanks to gav's performances. wink.gif

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board: Gentem TT

binding: Flow

boots: Flow

goggle: Oakley A-frame


Lots of annoying skating in Niseko, so step-in bindings save heaps of time.


Clear, yellow or light coloured lenses also help to see in the usually poor light.

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this is good to see what other ppl are riding, clothes maybe not so relevent,

but anyways,


board: burton & option

bindings: drake & drake

boots: thirtytwo

decked out in NZ clothes


whats the deal with gloves?

i buy a new pair and a week later they in tatters...

what causes the demolition of gloves?

putting your hand on the snow?

carrying/grabing your board?

ropetows?,,,,ha ha ha, i wish.

nah, does anyone know?

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Don, have you tried Level gloves? I've bought a pair of them 5 or 6 years ago and they are still perfect. Other stuff:


board: santa cruz/joyride

bindings: ride/drake

boots: airwalk/DC

goggles: oakley


What else? Ah, of course...

drink in the flask: Cointreaux

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board: Burton

bindings: Burton

boots: Airwalk (Cost 5,000 yen cos they were so big, the only time in Jpan that it was good to have big feet)

goggles: Smith

thermals- Not likely (only for BGB's)

Glove - North Face. Best Investment I have made to date.


By the way how was the drinking session last night ?

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don, not sure about the demolition of gloves... maybe from carrying a board.... i destroyed a pair on a rope tow once.


simon, sory cant agree with the levels, i bought a pair and 6 days later they were in bits... dunno maybe they were a bad batch or something. then bought a pair of burton mits 3 seasons ago and havnt looked back, never get wet or anything.

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yea, i should prolly fork out for some burton gloves in jimbotcho,

i remember last season, my friends complaining about the many pieces of my gloves stuck in a kicker we were built...ha ha ha,


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I`m not really a fashion type boarder that buys new gear every season. Currently I ride a Burton Supermodel 181 and this season I`ve also got a Burton BMC 168 which I bought specifically so I could re-teach myself riding switch/fakie. I tried a bit of switch on the 181 but it was too difficult to swing around. I`ve heard the BMC are pretty light in weight and being Burtons latest material compositions , it should be a bit of fun. As for riding Niseko tree runs, the 181 has been the best. Very good for landing jumps of any size, well with having all that contact area you could see why. In groomed snow it was excellent as well the contact edge is long , so holding a rail in hard snow was the next best thing to my other race board. A buddy of mine , Zeke Steggel gave me a signature 175 race board to use in Australia, a little hard to use coming off softboot board but fun for speed.

I like my Burton stepins, their simple, much faster than the straps giving more time in the pow. Goggle wise I use Oakley A-frames. I`ve had the icing up feature on the inside and outside of the lens, and it only happens in extreme temps of Niseko. Never had any ice-up in Aust just in Japan, although this year I`ve found these little shammy cloth goggle clearers, so I`m hoping these will do the trick.

Thats the only problem I have in Japan, the bloodly ice-up goggle problem.. If I can get this fixed then I`ll really be laughing.

Anyone else had the ice-up feature?

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

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Here goes:


Boards: '98 K2 Eldorado 163,

'99 Burton Supermodel 168

'97 Burton Alp 157

Bindings: Preston LX

Burton 3 strap from '95

Burton Step-in race

Boots: Burton Drifters

Burton Reactor

Burton Freecarve

Gloves: Ride-something or other. I'm constantly burning holes in my gloves from carving.

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