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Which Way Do You Fold It?

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It's really annoying. A long time ago I made the decision not to carry a wallet. Because once it was stolen (in Italy--surprise), and another time I lost it. And every damn card and bill and post-it with the phone numbers of hot chicks and important friends was in it.


Why put all of your eggs in one basket?


Now I spread it out. The cards go in one pocket and I only carry the ones I am likely to need.


The bills go folded into another pocket, and thereby hangs a tale.


Years ago I decided that it's better to fold your wad of bills with the lower denominations on the outside--since those are the ones you use the most, you can just peel them off and voila--you're done.


The whole point of this post is to bitch about how annoying it is when you have to somehow insert bills of varying denominations into your stash as the ATM beeps angrily away or the convenience store staff provocatively holds out coins impatiently waiting for you to get your folded stash of bills in order.


Incredibly annoying!!


They just don't give a guy a break in this world.


What a world.


Now for once I have some folding bills, but now they give me grief even about THAT?!




ATMs should observe 10 seconds of silence here before disgorging my money, my receipt and my ATM card all at once.


Is this bad planning or what?


Even worse, last time I checked, I am paying 100 yen or more for the privilege of being rushed, beeped at, and incited to peptic ulcer levels of stress!!


Mogski told me the savings account interest rate at Japanese banks is less than 1%. I don't know why I bother.


It would be better to keep my pathetic little stash under the mattress, along with my Japanese Dominatrix and Rubber Love magazines.


What a world!!

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hi bad migrane,


the solution to this problem maybe that you will just have to go and live on niseko as they dont have any atm's!! viola


you will earn your cash by giving skiing/snowboarding lessons to sweet little japanese girls




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