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If you want Info here you go.

If you have a car then easy take the highway 2 hours north maybe less and then you pick.

highway tokaihokuriku jidosha.


If not dont worry good bus tours 2 3 and 1 day trips avliable at Alpen just try and they can help you. I paid 9000 yen last year from Kyoto. includes some food tickets rental discount did not use and a pass for the day. better than driving from here.


what to choose to be honest I keep from telling too much because I like to keep the pow to myself but I will give you a good start. Dynland young hip but most trees end in creeks a lot be careful. one side has some good steeps. Last year huge pow thigh deep and 35 plus degree. other side is weak.

Good jumps. Takasu personal fav. right beside dynland. park okay but the pipes are killer 2 back to back, always well kept always.


Wings shit but good park. washigatake good for inter skills.


All can be acessed around the exit shiwatori.


If you want travel a little further into fukii some pow resorts but I dont go there.


last beware of the highway traffic on weekends and holidays. the highway is under consrtuction meaning 1 lane. every weekend about 1 hour or more if you stay to the end of the day.


for more info email moonnick33@hotmail.com


Ps we are going to do some backcountry around takasu if you have gear.




Live hard do things your way

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