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Snova Mizonoguchi - 20 min away from Shibuya

Coolval Tokyo - near Akabane I heard


Near Narita airport - Ssaws in Makuhari


Ssaws is better than Snova, ie. snow, side etc. but snova has kicker & half pipe. But small...

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which is the best indoor boarding place in tokyo? which one has the best terrain park? i'll be there in march & may as well check one out...


on the topic, anyone seen this>



the last line about global warming is a bit scary...!


bit of discussion on it here>



aparently, there's a plan to build one here in sydney, aus., but it looks a bit dodgy going by the site>




which is a shame as i'd be there every weekend!

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Originally posted by Ocean11:
I'd like to read a report about some of these places. Would anyone who's been care to put something together? One gets kind of desperate out of season...

This is nothing definitive, but as a
Tokyoite, I used to visit Ssaws way back
when I was starting out. Anyway, it might be
ok if you find yourself in Tokyo during the
summer with nothing to do and wanna stretch
your legs. But that's about it. Runs are
pretty short (eg 20-30 seconds), and the
artificial snow is nothing to write home
about, but hey, think of it as a warm-up and
it might work for you. Maybe riding fakie
or something might make it more interesting.

It's a couple stations past Disney on the
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