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I was up at Niseko last week and noticed a poster about

backcountry rules. It was all in japanese but I noticed it mentioned beacons.

Anyone know about this?

Will a beacon rule be enforced for the summit run ect.?

I personally think its a great idea. The no friends on a

powder day, duck the rope and charge the fresh attitude that a lot of clowns seem to live by can be dangerous.

Just because an area is close to a resort doesnt mean its safe. Just look a the gully between hirafu and Higashiyama.

Every year there seems to be stories about some captain baka who went for a walk with no gear no map and no brain and got into trouble.

Riding backcountry powder is cool but do yourself and your friends a favour and ride safe.

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Niseko management were keen to set up gates between resort limits and backcountry. There was even talk of a possible beacon check. They were stopped by the Forestry Department who argued that the resort didn't have the right to give people access to these areas.


Full details; www.skijapanguide.com/2002/features/powder-11.html


So, i'm afraid the current policy is you are not allowed to go backcountry, but in reality there is little or no patrolling of this.


Carry the gear, and look after each other.

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Cheers Ben.

Thanks for the info.

Im sure we will hear more on this. I hope people pay attention to the situation and realise that we all need to prove that we can ride responsibly or we will lose out big time in the long run. Riding like an idiot and then claiming you cant speak Japanese is not a good way to earn respect!


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