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Okay, here's the problem.


1 Boarder

1 Skier


Talking about going out to the mountain on the weekend for a ?????


What the hell do we call it?!


Boarding? No there is a skier.


Skiing? No there is a skier.


Sorry to trouble you all, but this is one just one of those insgnificant-to-the-sport-we-love questions that hit you on a quiet afternoon at work and want an answer too, when you have nothing better to do but post on the SJG site.

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snow riding???


i think in japanese they just say

suberu...or maybe i'm wrong...


mogski...you are making my brain hurt...

this shouldn't be so hard





pray for snow

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Here is a sentence I found in a Ski & Board tuning Manula which I think describes it all pretty well :-


You are now ready to roll, rip, tear, fly, smoke, whatever word you use, it is all about having fun and making friends with gravity

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'a little suberi', or to translate directly, some 'slipping' or some 'sliding'.


I enjoy it during the olympics when the announcers say 'sutekina suberi wo misete kuremashita' or 'he was kind enough to show us some magnificent slipping'.

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Ok then mogski. Now I'm assuming, without any good grounds whatsoever that it's some chick that you've struck up your incompatible relationship, so my suggestions will reflect that.


"Hey Babe, how about layin' some trax this weekend?"


"Say Darlin', fancy some snow rompin' on Saturday?"


"Sexy, what say we burn up the slopes at the end of the week?"


"Yo bitch, come Saturday, will you be ready for some of the Other bump and grind?"


or lastly,


"Sweetheart, how about I watch you do your spastic thing this Sunday?"


I lied about the lastly thing...


"Cuddles, let's hit the plywood again soon".

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Er thanks Ocean11, but I am Mogski's ski date...not some unlucky chick.


I've had my doubts about Mogski's masculinity for some time now. So if he tries any of your lines on me, that'll clinch it.


This is the just the type of controlled scientific experiment that exposes the bare facts.


Well, now that I think about it, it's not really a true test because my brown 1-piece snowsuit with clasp belt and cream collar is so utterly irresistible, it will have people seeing stars and crossing lines all over the place.


I tried it out at Mt. Bohemia in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula Dec. 29-Jan 1. and just as felt I was beginning to understand the reactions of those around me, my flask ran dry, the "base camp" stash bottle of Raspberry Schnapps under the pine tree near the lift base was empty, and next thing I knew I was back at Lac LaBelle lodge sinking my teeth into another rare filet with a bottle of Woodbridge Cab and a passel of backwoods snowmobilers with names like "Ogre", "Crappy" and "Injun Dave"...


In that crowd, a brown snowsuit with clasp belt is nothing special at all.


The only way I could get any attention was by announcing in a loud voice that I had never done a shot of Jagermeister in my entire life. The entire bar fell silent for a second, then suddenly a plate of shots appeared in front of me and everyone helped me lose that cherry.


For a guy with many cherries left to lose, I can tell you that was a good one.


badmigraine in Tokyo.




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