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what's the dilly with this place...


SJG claims the longest run is 50000m...

why do I have a hard time believing that...

steepest is 42 deg?? is this true...


only review is about how romantic a place

it is...could it be more romantic than



I have to use my FREE TICKET (thanks sjg!)

(anyone jealous yet...ha ha)







pray for snow

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danz, I'm not jealous, I scored a ticket for there too!


I hear mixed things about the place. The SJG All Resorts page shows that Cortina has the most amount of snow in Naggers - something of a Hakuba anomaly?


See you in the powder.

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Hello Danz


Glad to hear you won a lift ticket - didn't recognise the name on the list....!


OK, the 50,000m was a mistake - and one that we have changed. The correct official figure is 5000m. Steepest 42 is in the official book, so please do report on that when you get back.


If you do find mistakes - or even data that you think may be a mistake - on SJG then please do send an email to editor@skijapanguide.com and we will look into it....


As for the Snow Depth - again, official numbers coming from resorts, so we have no control over that. Do let us know!


Have a great time there.


Ski Japan Guide


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I went there yesterday. Had a whole afternoon of beautiful knee deep, long runs through the trees. Surprised at how good the place actually was. It compares favourably with 47/goryu and its really easy to keep away from the patrols there unlike at 47 where they hound you.

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