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Just had to share this joke with everybody.


A bus driver was driving his bus along a street in a bad part of town, as bus drivers do. Everyday the bus driver would come across a passenger who would be rude and violent and threaten his family etc. It was a pretty streesful job having to do his route.


This day had been a pretty bad day, drug addicts, gang members and escaped convicts had been on and off his bus and shattered his nerves to bits, but he still remained the friendly bus driver. Chatting to the passengers as they got on etc.


It was getting close to home time and the bus driver was driving his final lap on his route. Up ahead he could see at the next bus stop a man with no arms and one leg leaning against the shelter.


Strange, thought the bus driver. At first he was reluctant to stop his bus. But nonetheless it was his duty, so he pulled his bus up at the stop, opened the door and said to the man "You look like a pretty arm-less guy, hop on board...."


Okay, so it may not be brilliantly funny, but it struck a chord for me. Besides anything is better than work right now.


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