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!!URGENT!! -- Anyone know a cheap place to stay in Echigo Yuzawa

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Asahikan in Yuzawa town is quite good, been there a few times. Although not reeeeally cheap, 7500 all in for bed and breakfast is not bad, and they can pick you up from station/drop you at the resort of your choice. lovely people, speak english, and make their own pizza if you ask them! dinner is a wee bit extra yen.


oh, should warn you, they have cats the size of small children


Check the Places to Stay section of the site for more info on Asahikan


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Ocean11, Nozzle is for the end of February with our charming young lasses in tow.


Before then, we have to emerge uninjured and financially solvent after scads of Niigata day-trips and one full week at Niseko.


If barok and freestyle boards have their way with me, I will be neither uninjured nor solvent by the end of February.


But thank god for the mobile onslope vending machines someone described in another thread on this board. I never heard of such a thing, but is sounds fantastic! I wonder if they have aspirin and tequila in those things?


In Walled Lake, Michigan, after popular outcry they would be forced to stock them with Jaegermeister, Watermelon Pucker, Percodan and Cabo Wabo.


And that's just for the healthy, uninjured customers.


My Dad likes to claim growing up in Bethnal Green with his back against the wall and a broken bottle in his hand.


As a teen, I often found myself in the same posture--except the wall was just to hold me up because I was too drunk, and I was holding the broken bottle because I'd dropped the damn thing, then stupidly picked it up again.


Of course I don't remember any of this, I am just repeating what others have told me over the years.


Well, back to work.

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Ocean; It's as badmig's put it.


belle; Your still my lass! Thanks!


Printed and pocketed should our plan B (stay tonight or Sat.) eventuate.


No JPY 3,000 or so places?

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