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Yo Barok


I posted this on another thread but Iizuna kogen doesn't look up to much, I'm afraid. I had a look up there in May last year (long after their season finished). I had a good look up the hill and at the lift map there, but it didn't look worth going to be honest. The facilities at the bottom looked on the well-worn side as well. I think the area is best known for skunk cabbages (mizubasho) that bloom in some swampy (due to the snowmelt) woods nearby. That and Togakushi down the road.


There are so many other good places in easy striking distance of Nagano City (Hakuba, Nozawa, Myoko, Shiga Kogen), that proximity doesn't really count in this case. From Nagano, you can jump on a free shuttle bus to Arai or Hakuba 47, so there doesn't seem much point in going to Iizuna. Unless you want to see that white elephant road maybe.


Now if it were that close to Osaka or Kobe

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thanks, much. i was beginning to think

nobody would throw me a bone. i figured

that it must get kinda crowded being so

close to the city.


also good to know about the shuttles,

after all the reading I had done, I didn't

know that.

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