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Hi I am new here.

I always had this image that Japan was really safe and kinda surprised to read this.


I have visited Japan twice in winter to visit my friend who lives in Gifu Prefecture, and was always surprised at how skiers and snowboarders leave all their gear unlocked when they go for lunch and stuff. What a luxury.


It's a pity if Japan is changing for the worse.

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When you go to the places where the young ones hang out there are bound to be problems. In the Takasu shiratori area it is a problem as much as the traffic jam is. I ski so I always split up my skis with my friends or wife, it works relitivily

well. back home we have these small locks that fit into a certain type of rack, then you can slide a metal bar into the lock and the skis are safe. The bar is about 5 to 6mm's thick. The same thing is offered to snowboarders too. the lock is about 7 cms long and about 3 cms thick.

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Hadn't seen this old thread before, but here's my .02 worth...


"Opportunity breads Contempt"


Keep leave you stuff laying around in plain site, inside a car, on the board rack and not locked up and we will "Cultivate" a society that learns to steal to survive...


It is no longer the 16th century where a man's word is his value to society... Modern laws are toothless and protect most criminals FIRST and victims SECOND... Vigilantism gets you in jail not the bad guys so... Hide you stuff, lock it up or "When all else fails - - Lower your Expectations"....

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Where I come from crime SEEMS to be concentrated in areas inhabited by certain people. Generally, this appears to be:


1. Immature bastards with no respect for the environment or fellow citizens. These people are just as likely to smash a car window for a stereo as they are to bash someone in a train station for fun. They are usually young, male and alcohol is usually involved. These people also like random acts of vandalism. My GUT FEELING (nothing more) tells me that western countries have a lot of these people. I cant stand these pricks.


2. Indigenous people that are poor and been in a lower socioeconomic order ever since white settlement. Japan doesn't have this situation. It has pretty much always been Japanese.


3. Drug addicts and crime go hand in hand in my experience. Having seen the devastating grip that heroin (and other) drugs can have on people, I do not really blame the drug addict for their criminal acts. That's does not excuse it though.


4. Migrants that fail to assimilate into the adopted country, build ethnic enclaves and join the unemployment queue. Migrants from certain countries have tended to assimilate better than others. The second generations of these migrants unable to assimilate tend to be very bad news.


OK, I have made some pretty generalist statements based on weak analysis. I also don't fit into any of the above types of people, so I have no doubt been influenced by emotional bias (racism?). I no doubt have left myself open to attack, if so I will clarify any points in question.


As far as organised crime goes, these guys are bad news, if there is money to be made paying the little creeps I described in (1) to steal snowboards, then organised criminals will get into that business. An example in Australia (and the UK?) is of organised crime gangs paying little jerks to steal cars that usually end up as cut and shut jobs.


As far as Japan goes… I have only been here six months and can only comment on where I live. In that area I have seen no signs of any antisocial behavior, let alone crime. However I suspect that my suburb is a poor representation of Japan social strata. On the other hand where I surf in Ibaraki appears to be a breeding ground for bored, young, antisocial little boys all itching to be "cool' and commit a crime. I am sure that any crime that takes place in other countries can be found here, it just depends on where you live and where you look for it, however on a per capita basis I would GUESS that Japan is safer, certainly safer than Sydney.

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Six years in Sydney, a city of 4 million people:


- had a gun pointed at me 3 times,

- bashed up once,

- attacked 4 times (either ran or defended myself)

- car broken into twice

- sports bike stolen

- house burgled,

- every apartment in the block of ten I lived in burgled within one week,

- girlfriend robbed at knife point in daylight on a busy road

- crazy bastards swinging baseball bats chased me in their car

- blood splatters on my door from a dying man who was beaten up

- clothes, wallets and phones stolen when surfing

- watched a man literally hack to death another man on a crowded daytime train. 8 Inch carving knife.

- Shots fired at the doormen at the club for which I was queued up for,

- Saw a girl get shot in the silicon breast at the bar of another club (it saved her life). Apparantly it was a stray bullet aimed at someone else.

- Was yet again in another club whilst there was an execution in the basement of the club, didn't know about it until the next day (loud music muffled the gunshot)

- Had a rock thrown at my car smashing my window and almost taking me out me

- Had the spare wheel stolen from my 4WD

- Surfboard stolen

- 5 separate occasions my train was stopped because we hit a suicide jumper

- Had a person pull a knife out (one was actually a meat cleaver) on two occasions, ran both times.


Until now I never really thought about the crimes I have encountered. Doesn't sound like wonderful Sydney does it?

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Nice ideas Higuma!?!


sixteenth century was ruthless, dangerous, not a period to want to emulate.


No excuses please, If it ain't yours, leave it the f... alone. You don't appreciate how things can be until you live in a country where things are more like they're supposed to be!


As for vigilantism(?), stay within the law. If your tough enough to beat the crap outta someone, you can restrain them. Vigilanties (rightly) get punished for breaking the law. Catching a reprobate in the act doesn't absolve one of responsibility and allow you to meet out your own revenge (however damn good it feels!


The society you accept is the one that develops. Your actions and expectations provide the foundation for future progression. Protect against a changing environmernt, but never allow your expectations to drop.


Over-simplified, yes.. no time for an essay!

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