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well I'll give you my impression,

and I'd say I'm at the point where

I can get down the mogul field,

medium speed without falling,

or maybe falling once.


You need to learn how to tackle

moguls when it's powdery. This is KEY.

Like 10-20 cm of

fresh powder, now I'm not talking

first tracks here, but just enough snow to

provide a forgiving cushion.


you also don't need to make turns at

every mogul starting out. do two moguls,

turn, do two more moguls, don't get too

much speed or you'll bail.


it also helps if you can ride switch, so

that your not lost when you need to rock back

and forth if the mogul field is really steep.

rock regular down mogul 1, rock switch down

mogul 2.


and of course practice, just keep it up.

you'll get very VERY tired running moguls,

but you simply won't get injured, so keep it

up, and you'll get it in time.

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Try aiming for your edges to contact with the down slope side of the mogul instead of the uphill side like skiers do.

Also like Barok says dont try to turn on every mogul ,ride across the mogul field keeping your legs super rubberry shockabsorbery. As you get better you can start going straighter down the hill.

Or you could just avoid moguls alltogether (recommended)

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