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If backcountry was opened up, wouldn't that spoil things???

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Just out of interest, and after reading the very readable debate on backcountry (see double standards thread), I have a question to the people who say that much more of this ungroomed paradise should be opened up.


Here goes!


If these ungroomed paradises were opened up, then wouldn't they lose all of their appeal with hundreds of boarders and skiers running over them time and time again, damaging the untouched quality?



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i think one of the points here is to make

these ropped off areas accessible...that

means safe...that means having ski patrol

doing the necessary maintanance (avalanche

control etc...)...of course weather or not they are even competent to do that is an entirely seperate thread....


yes, of course if its ropped that means more

powder for you...but what about the one time

you duck a rope and get injured...that is where the problem starts...


man, resorts out in canada and US have huge

bowl/gladed ski terrain that is well maintained...it doesn't get tracked as fast as you think because its SO FRICKIN' HUGE...

if resorts here thought the same way, it would be much better...






pray for snow

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Well, in the case of you ducking ropes when you shouldnt - isnt that your responsibility, as the resort has said this is an out of bounds area. You just doing what the hell you want with no respect for the rules, whatever they are.


(Not a personal dig, danz, just wanting to understand this a bit more- it seems so simple to me)


Am I missing something????

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Are you missing something?


I think the best way to answer that is go to Japanese resort and take a look at the roped off areas.


I think you will find that if you spread the people you see on the resorts out on the whole mountain(if it were accesible) there really wouldn't be that many. It just seems alot becasue they all have no choice but to ge where everybody else does.


I think one of points of the "double standards" thread is not that we want first tracks in all powder, it is we want to have the chance to have this and have it without being criminalised for it.


Sure plenty of peole will go, but like I said in the other thread, it would then be our fault for not getting out of bed early enough or wanting it enough.


At least the chance is there for.

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Originally posted by miteyak:
just boycott the ones that do, should leave you smiling.

I think alot of us already do just that.
But instead of just voting with your yen,
why not become vocal as well?

Consumer power, dude...
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are you kidding...


if more terrain was open with appropriate

warnings, a la "EXPERT ONLY", it would not

become crowded...japanese are , not meant

to stereotype, but in general are very

"safe"...or rather overprecautious...


i.e. snow tires/chains are "required" if

you drive to the mountain...

you "must" go to the hospital if you have

a stomach ache

its too dangerous to set your binding dins

past 6...

the list goes on...


the "fashionability" of skiing/boarding is

limited to the curry rice lines, and the

long flat gelandes...


i say cut the ropes and become responsible

ski resorts...


my .02



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OK so using this line of logic, we have signs that say EXPERT ONLY all over the place.


And - in just the same way that you duck ropes now when you shouldn't and go into "no go" areas - people will ignore them and go for it anyway.


Voila - problem remains.


Can't have it both ways.

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i'm just curious...


have you ever skied in canada or

western US...places like whistler blackcomb,

jackson hole, aspen highlands, tahoe....


the stuff i'm talking about is modeled after

how these resorts do stuff...and it works!

i don't care how "trendy" things are in japan...basically, i am talking about diversifying the resorts here in japan...



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Hey SJG, here's an idea for an article - how

about some interviews with some of the local

Yuzawa resort management to see what their

thoughts are? Looking at the latest tourist

numbers, it seems each year they're seeing less and less visitors. They've gotta be concerned about reversing the trend, right?


And maybe improving their resorts (off-piste access, etc etc) might be _part_ of the answer.

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