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first, DON`T stay at the snowave chalet. too many reasons to mention here.


You might find it difficult to get your own bathroom and kitchen, but my advice is to stay in a chalet type set up. shared bathroom, cooking facilities and meet many people.


The best on the mountain would be the Hirafu Chalet. Go to www.niseko-hirafu.com

and get some turns for me!

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My vote goes to the the Hirafu Chalet!


Communal bath and kitchen, but great little place to meet people, have some fun and enjoy yourselves.


See all in Niseko in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif


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yeah, i want the dirt on snowave chalet too! i'm not gonig to stay there, but i'm looking at booking through snowave, so if there's something bad i need to nkwo, then lets hear it!


chucky, i see you read my response on ski.com.au, but i'll put it here too in case anyone else is interested >>


snowave have a variety of accom - check their web site. you're probably better off with a

twin-share hotel room if you're splashing out.


i'm looking at booking a cottage through them, but its for 4 people.


i also got a competitive price from qantas skimax.


dont bother booking through discount travelcentre, as they just go & get a price from

snowave & then add a bit on!


some sites that might help>



snowreport from the snowave people.



The stats on niseko.


Map of every hotel in niseko – pension hurry-slowly! haha!!




another map of all the niseko-hirafu accom is here.

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I want a room with it's own bathroom because basically I did the hostel thing through Canada and I'm sick of it - and I'm prone to dehydration when I'm snowboarding, so I drink a lot of water and usually end up getting up a couple of times a night to take a leak. And there's nothing like not having to wait for a hot shower (and having it as long as you like) .


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Where to start?


If the idea of being on a school camp excites you then maybe Snowave are the way to go. Upon arrival you`ll be fed the usual stuff like, ``Make sure you`re quiet after 10.00p.m. and make sure you put the burnables in here and the unburnables in here.`` I know, all pretty basic stuff, but to be told it like it`s coming from your teacher is a bit too much.


It also depends on how hard core you want your trip to be. Snowave get lots of people doing their first overseas trip so they may not be `advanced` boarders & skiers. That in itself is not wrong, but they may be more inclined to party and be more interested in expierincing some of the culture.(which is great)! but if you`re purely after a no holes barred snow trip, Snowave is not the go. Sure, they party pretty hard at the Hirafu Chalet too but you can bet your sweet heaven to Betsy that the crew will be hitting first lifts.


Many more reasons and not good enough typing ability to go into now. But if you want to ask about something specific I`d be glad to elaborate.

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Thanks, someone who knows...


I'd already booked in at Hirafu Chalet and your assessment of it is spot on, a great place for those who want to ride the mountain early and hard.


FYI, when I was there last year we also willingly separated our burnable and non-burnable garbage...and when somebody made too much noise after hours, a grumpy sleepy person who was aiming to get up early for first tracks would sometimes pop down and ask us to keep it down a bit.


What you wrote about Snowave is intriguing indeed. It sounds all good to me in terms of Action. Maybe Mogski and I will collar some of the Hirafu Chalet Lads, then wander over to Snowave with some beers and chips to do our party action and get out and see the world a bit.

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I've been told by a lot of people that SnoWave's chalet is awesome this year. A friend of mine has been booking with them for the last few years and always has good things to say. The fact that people keep on rebooking with them year after year says something.

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i dont think anyones advertising anything here, 00 - i'm in in sydney right now, & i certainly dont work for anyone in niseko! just trying to share info, experiences - thats whats its all about isnt it?!?


i'm heading over to niseko in 2 1/2 weeks, havent yet booked cos i'm waiting for friends to have their holidays approved, but i think i'll use snowave for these reasons:


- they are friendly & helpful.


- they call/email you back promptly.


- they are happy to beat any other quotes!


- they have semi-detached cottages, self contained, where our group of 4 will be cosy & comfortable, away from the rowdy bunk-room scene (my fiance likes her sleep!)

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Yeah, I've never been to Japan with SnoWave, but the trips my friends and I have booked with them have always been good. I also like the way that (even though they are servicing skiiers now as well) they have always supported snowboarding.

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c'mon 00, get over yourself!


if i must justify my existance to you, I will!


i've only been looking at this forum he last 2 weeks, so thats why i havent got around to registering yet.


if you want to check my identity, then email my work address - al@al.com.au & i'll email you straight back, or hae a look at www.al.com.au - i work for animal logic, doing 3d animation for film & tv.


or email shelly@snowave.com - she's the one who's been giving me quotes on niseko.




in my experience, its pretty rare for retailers to contribute to forums.... they dont have as muhc time to waste as some of us!

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Good luck badmigrane. Also checkout Baramba. The bar formerly known as BBB bar. They`ve got the surfing theme happening this year.


Chucky, the Snowave chalet is exactly the same this year as it was last year, so no new news there. You`re right though, it does have location, location, location. I think that the main reason why people have rebooked with them in the past was due to the lack of alternatives. Also its diddicult to do your homework on places when you don`t speak the lingo and live overseas. So many people just pay the man and are happy at that. I do think that in the future though, you will see more and more people not rebooking. Already this year, their numbers are down on previous years.


n.b. The Hirafu Chalet used to BE the snowave chalet

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yes, she does sound lika a babe smile.gif


so.. will you be chasing the japanese gals around over there, chucky? I'm going with my fiance & another couple, so i think all i can hope for is a bit of a perv in the onsen! :p


actually, last time i went there, the only onsens we visited were segregated - are there any mixed onsens in niseko?

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alferg, there are no mixed onsen per se, but I and Mogski were able to improvise one last year using only the following:


--2 antique diving bells with clear fishbowl bolt-on headpieces


--supply of rotten meat held by nylon net just in front of mouth area



Mogski, disguised as an oversized tanuki (a kind of bipedal Japanese badger that goes about the forests in old woodsman's clothes carrying a walking stick acting as a protective spirit), stood motionless on a snow hummock overlooking the women's side of a segregated onsen for two days and nights until the caretaker drained all the water.


Then, as the caretaker went inside to smoke a Mild Seven, he and I donned the diving bells, hopped the fence and lay unmoving on the bottom of the drained bath area while the caretaker puttered about.


Eventually the warm water flooded in, then we were in business.


I recall lying there for another 2 days, with a full, clear and unobstructed view of the hindquarters of every female bather who happened by.


Once in a lucky while, a bather would even perch her buttocks on the outside of the fishbowl helmet, affording us an up-close view of the fascinating changes that XX chromosomes can wreak in a human zygote.


The rotten meat fixed immediately in front of our jowls continuously dripped a nutritious mixture of suppurating juices and pulpy maggots into our eager mouths, as we lay raptly watching the underwater show like children in the Mysteries of the Deep aquarium at SeaWorld.


We occasionally communicated by tapping out morse code signals on the rocks, and thus it was that next time the caretaker drained the pool, we were able to rise in silent concert and make good our escape.


The next day found us riding powder over on Hanazono, with more than one bawdy tale to tell over a bowl of tonjiru around the heating fire in the alpine hut up there that is so well-known to some.


Sorry we'll be missing you in Niseko, as we are heading up next week, but have a good time and if you are game, try to budget an extra 4-5 days for the mixed onsen gig described above.





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alferg, thanks for the props! I wasn't aiming anything at you, just trying to get a laugh while frittering away more work time until the bell goes off and we can all go home to watch the Olympix.


The Onion?! I don't write for anyone but you guys, and that for free!


But if the Onion is looking for contributors and pays in US$, then sign me up.


Maybe next I can fill you in on how after an entire day underwater in the onsen, I looked over to find Lama heroically trying pull out Paddy, who was wearing a rainbow-patterned Speedo and had been holding his breath under the surface the whole time...what a guy.


The only foreign guy I know who did more in Hirafu with the XX-chromosome set than just gape at them.




badmigraine in Tokyo.

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