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I've a mind to lay in a supply of my favorite beers, instead of paying a prince's ransom for them one by one at various fine establishments around town and on the mountaintops.


Short of installing a tap for draft Kilkenney, lately I have been craving Red Hook Ale, Sam Adams...or maybe even "Brooklyn Lager" would scratch the itch.


This Red Hook Ale, which I never drank in the US but have enjoyed over here, is a fine little brew good enough for daily swilling and also functions as a pleasant conversation starter (as in "Hey, bartender, give me another one").


I feel it must be available more cheaply by the case from some place like Costco or what have you.


And that brings me to my question:


Is there a place like Costco somewhere in Tokyo, where I can go to get cases of my favorite comestibles and beau rivages? Costco is all the way out in Chiba and I am not lugging a case or two of beer back from there.


Please educate me! Where do the low-budget alcoholics get their fix in Tokyo?


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