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i can get the guy to land on his head...


i cant read swedish...or whatever language that is...


how do you play the damn thing...

seems like another great site for my

"work-related research..."



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Well I've had several broken necks, at least 4 sliced bodies, many flying christs to splattered bugs, and that's being able to work the thing.


Damn fun, but hard to control.


Danz, hold down the space bar until you are ready to launch. At the same time press the direction keys depending on whether you wanna go right, left, vertical up, or vertical down. Continue to hold this key down as you release the space bar. This will give you spins, flips etc.


After this it is simply a matter of pressing any of the letter keys to get the grabs etc. You can do the same on the quarter pipe if you are quick enough.


Happy flying.

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