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Went the the movies today to watch Oceans 11. Entertaining stuff.


There was a trailer for a movie called Cool Boarder before Oceans 11, starring:


Todd Richards

Devun Walsh

Rob Sluggo Boyce

Tara Dakides

Sean Johnson

Sean Kearns

Tosh Osaka

Omar Lundie


Anyone know anything about this??????

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It's a comedy about a group of friends who snowboard. I haven't yet heard whether the comedy is any good, but the boarding is supposed to be authentic and fun to watch.


You can check out the trailer by going to www.apple.com, clicking on "QuickTime" then "Movie Trailers".


If you don't have broadband, then go to one of the broadband cafes, treat yourself to a big steaming double mocha, and commence to a-watchin.

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