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Having read Hutch's article and been consumed with envy, I have conceived the following wish list for Hutch.


Hutch gets a rare infection of the inner ear that destroys his sense of balance for good.


Hutch's respect for Granpa Hakkoda deepens into love - oddly it is reciprocated, and the scandalized locals drive the oddball couple from their neighbourhood.


Hutch misplaces one of his extra-large skiboots in the carpark late one evening and the next day it isn't there. No shops around sell such large boots.


Hutch falls hopelessly in love with a blonde third year JET from Nebraska.


Hutch gets a rare lactic acid disorder that causes agonizing burning of the thighs and calves just walking up the steps to the gondola.


Hutch fails to see a snow monster in a Hakkoda whiteout. The tree beneath the snow monster happens to have a forked branch just at neck height.


Hutch is offered a highly paid and challeging position in Tokyo.


Hutch finds, around 4 pm, a whole series of glades of sick pow that stretch away into a part of the mountain he's not familiar with.


Anybody else got any kind wishes for the b@stard who lives so close to so many goodies (all of them undeserved, I'm sure...)?


Good on you mate, good article. I hope to see you there sometime.


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