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Olympic spirit - Canadians get gold?!?!?!

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what's wrong with that ?

the whole thing is corrupt anywayz.

might as well give them all gold like in the

special olypmics.


the french judge basically admitted to vote

swapping and hooking the inferior russian

team up with a higher score. why bitch

about it ?


did the Russians deserve gold ? - no

did they get it ? - yes

did the Canadians deserve gold ? - yes

did they get it ? - yes, finally


Go Canada.

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Hey,mate. What's wrong with that!?


I watched figuar skate pair,


Russian pair's performance was great but I really believe that Canadian pair's performance was much better than Russian pair.


I am so glad IOC decided to give/share Gold Medal.


BTW, what's going on for Canadian Ice Hockey team???

Canada lost a game!? I cannot believe this! Garrr!!

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