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We've actually done this topic at length before, but to restate the case...


Moguls are dangerous to snowboarders. The single edges of boards don't really match the demands of riding on moguls. Elsewhere barok recommends taking moguls in twos - two and then a turn. That's fine in theory, but not safe when there are skiers coming down at speed. As they're coming from behind, rules of the road suggest it's their lookout, but it's not an issue I want to test for the dubious pleasure of riding on bumps.


Moguls are a nuisance. They form on good slopes, and they form all over good slopes. They also form at the end of the day when you want to get down the hill and have to venture out of your powder pockets and onto the gelende. Your legs are aching, your concentration is down, there's a beer buried near your car, and there's a sea of bumps between you and it.


Moguls are dated, like skiing. But they persist. Although the Olympic mogul run of one semi-cute tart who couldn't even win a medal was not nearly as exciting to watch as an ugly bloke in the half-pipe, we got to see it nearly every time we put the telly on. Which can't be said for the half-pipe, no siree.


Moguls - there really isn't much to be said for them. cal, if I was harsh, can you perhaps list for us the benefits of moguls for snowboarders?


Robert, check out the thread from a while back called 'Moguls uha' or some such nonsense. Aha, here it is http://www.skijapanguide.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000789.html


Have a good weekend y'all. I'm holding out until midweek in the hopes of more snow and less MOGULS!


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(this place is too non-confontrational...damn it)


or maybe the question should be, "do _competent_ boarders like moguls?"


from a technical standpoint, I don't see why a snowboard should be at that much of a disadvantage from a skiier except for the poles. A good mogul skiier never splits their skis, always carves their turns, and just uses the different angles of each bump for a balance and speed control. The biggest difference I see is that you don't have poles to help you make decisive turns. But the same goes for skiboards/shortskis--just shift your weight and make the turn in midair.

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Out of interest, how long are the skis mogullers use to compared to "ordinary" skis? I tried going through moguls on a shorter board the other day and it was much easier than my powder plank. Quite good fun even.

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shorter skis are definately easier...but you can ski moguls with anything (although those over 200 cm are supposed to be for the slalom courses).


personally, i use 185cm's which can be challenging but the skis are lighter than most which takes some of the effort out of it.


on shortskis/skiboards (mine are 99cm) it's easy but a very different experience since you're not bouncing around with the same rhythm

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actually... i think

slalom skiis are actually shorter than

mogul skiis this years...slalom are around

155-165cm these days (no joke...)

my guess is todays mogul ski is about the

same or a bit longer...


if there are any 200+ skiis out there anymore, its only for downhill, and ski jumping...

or for nostalgic purposes...



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I found the best way to tackle moguls on a board was to stand at 180degrees at the top of the slope, slowly plough right the way through the middle off them....leaving the run mogul-less...seemed to have worked for me & my 120kg Oz mate, I guess weight had something to do with it!

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I dont mind mildly mogulled slopes for practising my turns.


Go around them rather than try and ride over them or on the edges.


Good practise for keeping your body in as straight a line as possible while letting your boarrd swing from side to side.


BTW, I ride a 153, so it might be easier than a longer board

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You can get some tips on the short linked turns Raury's talking about in the "tight turns" section of this page.



I'm by no means an expert, but I find I can do them better by getting really side on.


That dude who wants to "learn to fly" should also check out the "how to ollie" section.

I ride a freestyle board (old Burton Balance) that's a shade too big for me, but I can get as high as most beginners get on small jumps just by using the board's flex. I've only just started doing tricks so I've got to be almost stationary to pull a high one tongue.gif , but it will come I'm sure.

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if skiiers wanna feel what its like to ride moguls on a snowboard,

they should lift the outside ski and not use it when they hit each mogul.

only using the inner skis inner edge.

thats like snowboarding,

cuz if you use the outside ski for balance etc, its like putting weight on the outside edge of the snowboard, gyaku-edge, and your testing how hard the icey moguls are with your face.

that and your sideways.


but yea, powdery moguls are quite possible.

gives you a little saftey depth.


otherwize, steer clear of moguls.

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From the man with the Merriam Webster Online bookmark and the curiosity to know -


Main Entry: 2mo·gul

Pronunciation: 'mO-g&l

Function: noun

Etymology: G dialect; akin to German dialect (Viennese) mugl small hill

Date: 1959

: a bump in a ski run


Death to mugls.

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"Death to mugls" sounds like something a fallen wizard in H. Potter might say...


I'm a skiier and I love mugls. But I sure suck at them. Someday I want to ride them just like that "one semi-cute tart who couldn't even win a medal" who blew down them in the Olympics.


Agree that they aren't much fun when they just form all over the place towards the end of the day on what should be a smooth-sailing run - especially because it's getting crowded with tired folk who just want to go home. That's when I'm grateful to you disgruntled boarders who like to plow them down.

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