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it looks like SJG has responded to

our long threads of ski resort responsibility, out of bounds skiing, etc...


very interesting...the article can be found on the main page...


but...I still stand by my opinions....I don't think mtn. patrol do enough here...rather a bare minimum, as compared to other resorts outside japan...


SJG, its nice to try to defend the patrol

at Arai, but placing poles and ropes is no substitute for avalanche control and expert trail maintainance...and this is what lacks in japan...


man, this topic has been beaten to death...but i like it





pray for snow

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Hi Danz


Sorry to disappoint you, but if you read the main Features page.....


"Please do note that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers."


This is NOT a feature written by the site editorial, rather submitted by Mr Blair Anderson.


Remember, Ski Japan Guide is made up of a number of people (with different ideas and opinions, believe me!)....


Have a great weekend.......

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Thanks for the explanation on how it is done and I very much look forward to the next installment. Looks like it is going to get gory in the next chapter.


Most of the comments made on the famed topic were pretty much based on what we all know outside of Japan. Hence I think to enlighten us or convince those of us of similar mind stance as danz a comparison of Japan resort patrols and US/Europe patrols could be given. Are they trained in avalanche control with explosives etc?

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In fairness, any article like Blair's is only going to be about the conditions at one resort. All ropes were not made equal, so just because you've seen some highly questionable ropes somewhere else doesn't mean Arai are wrong to rope off inbounds terrain that includes waterfalls, cliffs, etc. Such areas have already claimed lives.


If you can read Japanese, you can learn about it here.



It's a pity the article isn't about a more controversial resort with 15 degree open tree runs roped off. Arai seem keen on opening up what they can, so they're maybe not the best target for such complaints.

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