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After 4 awesome years with Hakkoda as my backyard mountain I am leaving the Nippon POW and heading back to BC.


In fact.....I'm moving to Fernie.


Anyone out there in the SJG world that has skiied Fernie since the new quads went in?


Anyone willing to spill the beans on the mountain and the town?





ps. wanna eat some real au naturelle Japanese POW this year....check out: "Hakkoda Ropeway Powder Mecca":


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Hope you enjoy Fernie... I haven't skied there in about 10 years so I can't profer advice.... I have friends in Kaslo and they say that it's heaven on earth....


Last time I went through Kaslo / Fernie area I was the proud recipient of a rather hefty speeding ticket - so my memories of the area are not that good...


Things in BC have changed a bit in recent years.. my advice.... don't read the newspapers or watch BCTV News as it's so depressing.. just ski. live and love..


Enjoy the POW... it's some of the best there is but don't be a stranger we're only a few clicks away....

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cheers everyone


thanks particularly to Nick who said there's a map in the mail.....frig I love SJG


in Bangkok airport right now...to Bangladesh tonight and then over to Kathmandu tommorow....

got a 10 day rafting trip down the SunKosi lined up!!


betcha I'll see snow this year before you guys!!! hahaha

(frig-should have brought my skis!)

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