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I already posted this deep in one of the Threads, but here goes again. . .


So yeah, I`m from Nagano now, stoked, seeing as I`ve wanted this for a year. Major hassle and waiting to get here, but I`m in a good spot so I can`t complain.


I`m moved in on Halloween night, and have my own 3 bedroom pad, so to any of the longtimers on this board, hit me up with an email or a private message, and I`d be happy to have you come stay with me, that is if I can kickit in Niseko, or Hakkouda, or wherever with y`all.


Or if anyone is going on daytrips or morning trips, same deal, hit me up and I`ll buy beers or gas or whatever.


In any case, now that I`m here, I`m going to do my best to set up some parties, backcountry barbeques, etc. But really I just want to meet fellow snowpeople. I am so new to Japan, that I don`t really know anyone local.





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