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Site updates 2023: QUICK SEARCH

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As we continue refining our site, we have made what might look like an outwardly minor update, but one that we feel is significant.
There is a 'Quick search' box on the site's main index page (www.snowjapan.com) and the Ski Areas index page (www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts), with similar functionality used on the new Route Finder (www.snowjapan.com/route-finder).
That search box allows you to type a ski area name, town or area, with a list of relevant ski area results displayed to choose and jump to.
Here are the modifications we have made to that functionality today:
  • As well as ski area names, the results now also show prefecture names (in brackets)
  • Previously, this only searched the beginning of ski area names. It now searches across any part of the name. For example, Madarao Mountain Resort will now appear if you type Mountain or Resort (or 'in Res'!)
  • You can also search ski area names in Japanese. For example, try searching 苗場
We hope this change will be useful and help people find what they are looking for.
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