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Site updates 2023: ROUTE FINDER

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The new SnowJapan Route Finder uses Google Maps to find routes and directions either:
a) from your current location (if within Japan and location services are enabled) to any ski area in Japan or
b) from any ski area in Japan to any other ski area in Japan (and with waypoints in between).
In addition to the general Route Finder, we have also prepared unique versions for all 470+ ski areas in Japan, where the specified ski area is the destination by default. Links to those pages are on the Location page for each ski area. Here's an example:
Route Finder is a completely revised and significantly improved version of the functionality we had on the old site.
One important note:
Providing this service unlimited in large volumes can potentially quickly become very expensive. As such, at least initially, we need to monitor* how much it is used and may restrict use from time to time. For the same reason, we will only gradually add prominent links to Route Finder within the site over the coming weeks. In the meantime, it is available via the above link.

* SnowJapan does does not keep any kind of record of specific usage and routes requested. The only thing we monitor is how much the service is being used.
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