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Site news: improved loading speeds for daily reports

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Daily reports: improved loading speeds


You might have noticed that our Now daily reports are suddenly loading much faster. And you would be right, as we have made some changes!

It's complicated, but until yesterday, every time you visited a report, it was reading and loading a large amount of data. The changes we have made take out much of that loading requirement, allowing each report to be displayed faster.

The change means that, for the moment, the Back and Next links on each report are no longer displayed. We hope that will be a temporary change as we try to find a more efficient way to display those links.

However, you can still easily view the previous report using the links in the Previous 7 reports section, which remains on every report. (The latest and all archived reports). And you can also view every daily report using the Seasonal archives link at the top of any report page.

As an example, check the Niseko Now report here:




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