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2021-2022: End of season message

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An end of season message from SnowJapan
This message will be posted on each of the regional daily Now reports on the site

Japan's 2021-2022 ski season has now finished with just a few exceptions. And while there were regional variations, it was a (very) good season for snow in general. Quite a few ski areas even extended their seasons to take advantage of the good snowfall. In addition, some ski areas seemed to enjoy good visitor numbers as domestic skiers and snowboarders enjoyed the snow. That is all good news.

At the same time, many of you who are reading this were (once again) sadly not able to visit Japan and are undoubtedly feeling increasingly frustrated about it. We feel for you. Hopefully, you remain interested in Japan through our reports and information and will be raring to go when it becomes possible to visit.

There are many opinions and rumours out there, but as of early May we have no confirmed news regarding the possibility of Japanese borders being open to visiting tourists in time for next winter. In the last few days it has been reported that the Japanese government might accept a limited number of group tours from overseas on a trial basis by the end of May. That sounds encouraging. Anyway, we remain hopeful and will post any confirmed major information on the News section.

The 2021-2022 season was a really big one for SnowJapan. At the end of February, we launched our new version of the website. The few months leading up to the launch were intense and genuinely exhausting. Still, after spending so much time and effort, it was very exciting to eventually see it go online. 

At the time, we just said it was 'all new' and pretty much left it at that. (We really didn't have any energy left over for detailed explanations!)

Looking back, we should have emphasised that all of the core content of SnowJapan remained unchanged (or improved), and that it was just the navigation and presentation that was completely new. In reality, close to 100% of the content from the old site was carried over to the new site. On top of that, a lot of content was updated, improved, and expanded on. In addition, this new site presents a considerable amount of brand-new content.

We should also have remembered that some people do not like change, no matter what, and perhaps try to make the transition less of a shock!

Hopefully, regular readers have become used to the new site and noticed all the significant and subtle changes. Still, now that we have had some time to re-charge, we want to provide clear explanations about the changes in each section of the site. Over the next few months, we will be clearly explaining what is new, what has been updated... and even what did not make it over to the new site. :)

These explanations will gradually be added to the Site News section, which can be found here:


As outlined on our About the site page, we have plans for at least the next three years. The disruptive events of the last few years gave us a rare chance to step back and take time for a big re-think. It helped us focus on what we want SnowJapan to be moving forward, and the new site is one significant and happy result of that.

We have a carefully considered path ahead of us. It mainly involves doing what we feel is right and being sure that we enjoy it.

No matter what happens with borders and all that, we will be here doing what we do. Because we love doing what we do.

That's it for the moment. Various updates to the site will continue through the next six months, and our daily reporting will be back from November.


Thank you!



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