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SnowJapan site updates: what we're up to September-December

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Temperatures have started to drop - at last! - and the first snow has been reported on the top of Mt Fuji. Apparently that has been spotted 3 weeks earlier than last year. That sounds good.

We plan to be here and updating SnowJapan as normal for the 2021-2022 winter season.

There's a huge amount of work to be done before winter though, so here's a quick recap for the moment:


Updating our ski area information   [September-December]

The process of updating our all-Japan ski area information on SnowJapan is starting this month.

In a normal year:

Our updating work usually takes us 3+ months, from September through until December.

This year:

We have only just started working on updates for the upcoming season, so we have not yet delved deep. However, once again it feels like information gathering is going to be... complicated!  Perhaps generally later than usual, as ski areas wait on updates to general/travel circumstances. There is also again probably going to be lots of ‘News’. In addition to updating information on all the ski area pages within SnowJapan, we also plan to separately post various news items on the site. That should start around early October.

Every year:

  • As we check and update information, we are as careful and thorough as possible. Our intention is to bring you correct, reliable, and up-to-date information.
  • We are not here to bring you shiny marketing messages or promotional press releases.
  • The process of carefully checking and updating information on about 500 ski areas in multiple stages takes a lot of time.
  • The work is all manual and we only use original Japanese sources.
  • Updates on our site may seem to be somewhat random…
  •  …and in some ways, they are!  That is because we keep checking, re-checking and updating as we find relevant information.
  • Updates for each ski area will probably be done in stages, as more information becomes available.
  • This work is ongoing and information is updated gradually (it doesn't all appear at once).
  • We try to update information for larger, more well-known ski areas as early in the process as possible.
  • We cannot update the information on SnowJapan if we do not have confirmation of information from original sources.
  • In our experience over the years, many ski areas around Japan do not update their own websites until November (or in some cases even December!)
  • Expect most visible updates to appear on SnowJapan around the period late-October through late-November.
  • Just so it's clear... no-one is telling us what to do. It's all us - checking, updating, checking and updating manually.
  • Gambarimasu!


Other big news

We are going to have some big news to share with you later in the year... not sure when just yet, but we will let you know...  :)





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