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Late May 2021: Updates & changes

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It’s the end of May and we thought we would give you an update on what we are up to.

A time to focus

With everything that has been happening over the last year or so, we have taken time to think about various aspects of SnowJapan – what we do, what we are, and what we want to be.

This period has ended up being a very good chance to bring many things into focus and positive things will come from it.

More on that later in the year, but for now here’s a few things...


This section of the site has been given a major update with a new look and the new name ‘News & Blogs’.

There is some new functionality. The things you might notice most are the 'sticky menu' when you scroll down the page, and the customize and light/dark theme display settings. You can change various settings using the buttons top right.  There are various other changes, many of them being subtle adjustments. Please do take a look around.

More on display adjustments that can be made here.


Our traffic statistics show that only a very few people still use the Internet Explorer browser. We felt the need to move forward which means that with this latest update old browsers such as IE are not fully supported. We recommend updating to a more current browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

To be or not to be... logged in

You do not need to be a registered member and logged in to read everything that is here.

Benefits of being logged in:

-    Various display settings will be saved and remembered
-    New content will be highlighted when visiting
-    No restrictions on searches

As some people might enjoy such added functionality, we are going to continue to allow new registrations. Everyone who has registered up until now should be able to login as before.

We’d like to point out that if you do register, your details are not added to any kind of list.

If you do not want to be registered and logged in, that’s fine too! You can still read everything.


The Q&A area that we had for the last two years has been retired. It wasn’t being used much and dealing with various background spam/security issues meant that it was becoming rather time-consuming.

In an effort to reduce increasing spam-related server loads we have also put some small time restrictions on searching for guests who are not logged in.

Upcoming changes

We are currently busy working on other stuff. We’re not ready to elaborate more than that just now, but promise to tell you more in the autumn months.

Don’t worry – it’s good, positive stuff!   :)

That’s it for now. Hope you have a good summer.



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