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Seems quiet - just the lack of snow?


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Hi Nikk

This Community area is not meant to be an online free-for-all discussion bulletin board/forum.

The area that people can take part in is just meant to be a simple Q&A area, as outlined here:



But let me give you (and everyone else) a bit of background, seeing as though a few people have asked about the old Forums......

SnowJapan has now been around for 20 years. In the early days we used to have a fully open and active discussions Forums.

They were - for the most part - fun and friendly.

Quite a lot of people loved them.

We loved them.

You can still find the archives here:



Sadly, in the last few years of them being online, we increasingly found ourselves spending more and more of our time having to deal with and react to..... stuff.

Stuff like trolls, spam, advertisers, crafty promoters, people wanting to cause trouble, online spats. We kept most of the nonsense offline (so people couldn't see it happening) but it was taking up increasingly large chunks of our time. It became relentless. And we didn't enjoy it, as lots of it was simply objectionable.

We wondered what we were doing allowing ourselves to get caught up in it all.

So we took the decision to 'close' the discussion Forums in November 2014.

That was over 5 years ago!

Closing the Forums was a very difficult decision. It was a really sad one. We did feel bad for the good folk who enjoyed using them and while we weren't sure that it was the right decision we just knew that we had to do something.

5 years later, we can safely say that for the sake of our website and also for our sanity and stress levels, it was most definitely the right decision.

Since that time, we have been able to really concentrate on improving SnowJapan.com in the way we see fit.

And happily the site continues to grow significantly every year, both in terms of content and usage.


If you want daily information and updates, we publish huge amounts of it, mainly here:


...and on the ski resort pages of the website.


If you want a full on open discussion Forums - sorry, that's not what we are. But you are welcome to ask/answer questions if you like.


I hope that explains the situation.  


Here's to a very snowy winter!



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Thanks for taking the time to explain, wasn't expecting that!

I see. I remember the old Forums when I was first in Japan about 7 years ago.

Sorry to hear what happened but it is understandable.

Daily content is fantastic. Keep up the good work.   :thumbsup:



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