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NEW: Member 'Question & Answer' Area

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Member 'Question & Answer' Area

>> Question & Answer Area

In this new area, members can ask and answer questions. This is starting off as something of an experiment, so we don't know exactly how it will go. We just hope that it might turn out to be a good and useful idea. So here goes!

IMPORTANT: this is not an area where SnowJapan answers questions - it's member to member.


  • Any member can post a question.
  • Any member can post answer/reply to a question.
  • Advertising, promotional style questions/answers and outside website links are not allowed
  • As an extension of the above, posts/questions asking for business/website links etc are not allowed
  • Links to any information within SnowJapan.com are always allowed
  • All questions and all answers will be moderated. That means that a moderator will manually check and approve a post before it appears online. This is in order to avoid spam, advertisers, trolls and other annoyances.
  • If the moderator feels that a question or answer is inappropriate - for whatever reason - it will not be approved.
  • We will not enter into any kind of discussions regarding moderation decisions, either online or offline.
  • We will do the above as quickly as possible, but at times there may be a delay... we'll get round to it!
  • SnowJapan is not responsible for the accuracy of any answers given by members.
  • An answer being approved does not mean that it has been checked for accuracy by SnowJapan.
  • This is not a 'SnowJapan officially answers your questions' area. We are busy operating our website!
  • We do not intend this to be an open discussion Forum, so please keep both questions and answers to the point.

>> Question & Answer Area

Thank you





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SnowJapan.com is the independent guide to skiing and snowboarding in Japan and has been online since 1999.

SnowJapan.com covers the whole of Japan. We are here to introduce the world to unbiased, honest and detailed information about winter sports in Japan. We publish exclusive and in-depth and daily content throughout the winter season and we add new functionality and content to the site every year.

We are not here to promote any specific destinations or resorts, or to sell our readers any kind of products or services. We are not a travel agency and we do not own any ski resorts, ski schools, accommodations or other related businesses.