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Northern Aomori - Shimokita Peninsula

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I'm planning another cycling/camping trip to Honshu, so thought I'd ask for info and advice again from the great SJ knowledge bank. Looking at a short trip, probably 4 days in mid October when there's a public holiday on a Monday. We'll take the ferry from Hakodate down to Aomori and then return by ferry from Oma at the northern tip of the Shimokita Peninsula, north of Mutsu.


Hoping for some nice quiet riding, hills, coasts and some autumn colours. Has anyone done that part of Aomori? It looks interesting and probably a part of Japan that not too many people visit. Sounds like some nice onsens up there too to soothe the legs after cycling all day.


Any recommendations for scenic spots, campsites, onsens, nice roads or just any experience of that area would be really gratefully received.


I'll post back here with photos after the trip!

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Just got back from a great trip to Aomori. The Shimokita Peninsula isn't particularly well known, but it is a really interesting area to visit. (If you have your own transport - there are very few buses or public transport options!)


A few photos from the long weekend:


Heading up into the hills after getting the ferry from Hakodate to Oma



Sunset from Kawauchi on the southern coast of the peninsula. Looking over the Mutsu Bay



Temple and volcanic lake at Osorezan in the central mountains of Shimokita



Autumn colours in the Yagen Valley



At Oma Misaki, the northernmost point on Honshu (On the island of Japan)



We cut the trip short by half a day as the rain and crap weather from the typhoon down south was approaching. Still had a great time and would thoroughly recommend that area.

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I really want to visit Osorezan some time.

What was it like?


Osorezan was really cool. A big temple / monastery type building surrounded by mountains and next to a very blue lake. There is volcanic activity there so the place smells of sulphur and there's large areas of smoking rocks and bubbling/steaming pools etc. Quite sombre too as there are many offerings etc left by families of dead children.


It's isolated, so not a huge number of visitors were there. Obviously its a touristy spot, but didn't feel like it, only one small omiyage shop/restaurant and you're able to move around freely and explore the site which is nice.

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