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How did you break your arm MB?
Waving it around at water polo?? :D


Great try JA but not quite..


Pushing through the red line on repeat on a crackerjack day at Mt. Hotham.

I was having a blast, really opening it up, out with a bunch of excellent skiers and we were all going hard.

It was a nothing accident...3 cartwheels and a 100m slide before I could arrest (it was pretty steep), I got up, dusted off and realised I'd hurt my arm (which ended up under my body after the slide) when I pulled my jacket down.

I was riding with an ex patroller so she quickly got into patrol mode and bullied me off to the med centre. I was going to keep riding :lol:

She tried to get patrol but I was having none of that. Snowboarded to the lift, up to the med centre and walked in just to appease her.

The doctor, my friend and I all thought it was just a sprain...but we were wrong. X-rays showed a nice neat fracture across the distal radius following the line of my watch! Doh!!! Stupid watch!!


3 weeks post break I was back riding in a thermoplastic cast at Thredbo, 4.5 weeks post break I am back at personal training - modified of course...legs legs and more legs. Can have the cast off in a little over a week I think. :)

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