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Ew... Ew....That smell, Can't Ya Smell that Smell..

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Have you ever been on a long flight next to someone who stinks? Now that sucks.

Also been stuck on a long haul with a stinky fellow who jumped up at the first seatbelt off ding and spread it across 4 seats in a row that were vacant and went to sleep - then proceeded to drop thermonuclear farts the whole way from Singapore to London. Was fecking disgusting!! All the ladies in the cabin were whipping out their perfumes and spraying them every now and again to try and conceal the funk.

I'd be so very embarrassed if I let even ONE go in company.


No dude on the flight stood up to set him straight...? Bunch of pussies. At the very least.....rock, paper, scissors for the empty seats.

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