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Pies & beer reports - summer 2014

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Hef ?? - See earlier posts In this thread.


Regarding drinking only XXXX in Qld, what you say is true if you fit the following profile:


1.) Struggled a bit (a lot) at school;

2.) Name is Davo, Mitchie, Kevo or any nickname related to animal genitalia;

3.) Wear a Bronco's shirt at least 4 days a week;

4.) Wear a QLD State of Origin shirt on the remaining days;

5.) Drive a Hilux with a flat tray & bolted on toolbox;

6.) Watch "The Footy Show" (Qld version);

7.) Refer to the World Cup as "The soccer world cup" and that it is only played and watched by "poofters";

8.) Actually believe that NSW is a foreign country, entry to which requires normal international border crossing controls;

9.) Have no idea of the fact that Australia has only been colonised by Europeans for the last couple of hundred years;

10.) Think that only "poofters" come off the rugby league field after being concussed - real men play on !


Thankfully, this demographic is decreasing as a % of total Qld population !!!

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Still in lovely West Yorkshire, been relaxing and checking out bits of Yorkshire and also the Lake District.


Lots of fab food and ale as well.


I am feeling noticeably heavier!

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Most certainly is.


Not long now until get back to Japan. Of course looking forward to immersing myself more in Abenomics. :)


A few more pies to go though. Will try to update here as well soon.

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Lol. No line. Just me looking like a [censored] waiting for them to open the door for me. Japan has ruined me! In other news, I got a beef and beer and it was delicious. By the time I walked home smelling it e whole way I ended up devouring it without taking a picture. It was delicious and I'll be going back so will try again!

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