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Pies & beer reports - summer 2014

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A bit early but...


This is the place for all pies and beer (and kebabs and Chinese and Indian) reports from our summer hols. I will of course gambarimasu from North West England (hopefully including Mold), but anyone else is very welcome to join in.





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First beers and a visit to my very favourite chippy (I know it's the same every year, but it's jolly well oishii and first port of call! I bet Mr Abe's looking on in envy. I heard rumours that Shakey has been here too).


I always ask for 'a lot' and they cram it on so the steak pie is hiding in there. :party:

None of that arty farty posh minimalism here. :grandpa:




Tribute Cornish Ale. Jolly tasty it was too.





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Kopperburg cider is good as well....comes I a bunch of flavours....very refreshing on a hot summers day.


Seiyu sell decent cider over here.

Also Kirin has started to sell "hard cidre" in draught that isn't too bad in a Strongbow type way

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They've had that for a number of years, I buy stuff off of them all the time. The big problem is that you can't use a British (or overseas) credit card that's not assigned to your Japanese address....you have to use a Japanese one

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