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Yotei Sunrise Hike, June 21st 2014

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For the Summer Solstice on June 21st, we hiked Mt Yotei overnight to catch the sunrise from the summit on the longest day of the year. We hiked the Hirafu route, starting at about 11:30pm on the 20th, reaching the summit in about 3hrs15 or so.


It was just getting light when we reached the crater rim



We really lucked in with the weather. Clear skies above, and a sea of clouds hanging many hundreds of metres below us in the valleys.


It was a very cold wait at the top for the sun to come up. We resorted to playing some music, jumping around and having a mini rave at the top to stay warm. Sleep deprivation may have played a part in this!


Waiting for the sun



Summer Solstice sunrise





The clouds rolling over Shiribetsudake and Rusutsu



Niseko poking out from the clouds



We got off the mountain at around 8:30am and, after an onsen and a snooze, headed down to JoJo's in Hirafu for a burger. A nice reward for our hard work!



Timelapse of the sunrise


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Thanks everyone!


I like that time-lapse.


How did you do it?


I used a GoPro. Just set it up to take a photo every 30 seconds and let it do its thing for the time we were at the summit. Then just dropped all the photos into iMovie and stuck a tune over the top. I should have had the interval at 15 seconds, or even less, which would have made for a slightly smoother timelapse.

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