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Hi guys and gals, first post.


Deciding on my xmas trip, either to Rusutsu or Tomamu.


Will be travelling with kids (1, 3 and 5yr old)

To those that have travelled to these 2 resorts


1)which children ski area is better?


I see that Rusutsu has the Crayon shin chan school, pretty much can cater to my 3 and 5 yr old (skied once at Akan lake)

How is the school/ children area at Tomamu?


2) Wave pool and children activities.

which resort has more children fun?

Also I know onsen are pretty strict on tattoo's how about pools?


3) Snow condition.

Generally how is the snow in december?

Niskeo was great feb/ march this year when we went and Akan was also pretty good in early feb.


Club med is out of the question as they don't teach 3 yr olds to ski.


Thanks in advance.

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I have kids, so I feel your pain, but I haven't been up that way in a while. Maybe Thursday can help... I think he's been up there with his boy.



thanks man. Gave rusutsu resort and email and they said not sure what to expect for xmas 2014. Depending on the snow conditions this will affect the childrens ski area.

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Never had a problem with snow at Rusutsu at Xmas I know nothing about Tomanu apart from the extra travel time which would suck with kids.

Kiroro could be an option as well

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thanks for all the replies.


Tomamu and rusutsu is similar driving time from chitose I believe.


We went to Akan lake this feb and the kids were complaining 3-4 hrs drive, hell I was complaining.

Oh well, I guess let the wife make the final decision. :worship:

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well I've now decided to do a 3 day ski trip at Rusutsu and then head over to Toya Nonokaze for onsen. The kids love the onsen and we can wind down after the exercise.


I've noticed there are 2 hotels at Rusutsu, which hotel is ski in ski out and closer to kids facilities.

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I found Tomamu a little disappointing (we also went on a none powder day which proably didn't help). Very spread out and hard to get to some of the lifts from some area's. I also think to Tomamu is a lot more isolated than Rusutsu.


At least if the skiing isn't great at Rusutsu you can get a bus to Niseko and spend a day there! Then if you are in Niseko you can also get the bus into Kutchan and have a look around (not a lot there but still something else to do). Nearest to Tomamu is Furano.


Personally with kids I would think Rusutsu is the better option. :friend:

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