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The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

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Bloody hell just 3+ hours to go.


And Man United are the team in the PL that has brought in the fewest players this season.






Louis van Gaal has expressed his first concerns about the state of Manchester United’s squad as he prepares for his opening Premier League match with a worsening injury pile-up and growing anxiety among the club’s support about their lack of transfer activity this summer.


Van Gaal revealed he had already warned the club’s owners, the Glazer family, and the chief executive, Ed Woodward, that the change of manager and implementation of a new 3-4-1-2 system might make it a difficult start to the season but, at that time, he had not factored in the possibility he might have only two fully fit senior defenders for his first game.


His assessment of their squad is that they need to bring in more high-quality players, admitting they are “a little below that level”, though he urged supporters not to panic despite a shortage of defenders meaning he is probably going to bring in two relatively unknown 20-year-olds, Tyler Blackett and Reece James, for their first top-level starts when Swansea visit Old Trafford on Saturday.


Just, bloody hell. I was expecting to be well pumped up with a clutch of new top class players brought in.




At least we have an on-paper fairly easy start. Though it would have been good to start with a full team. The mind boggles, and gets irate.


Perhaps our new system will be 1-3-4-1 or 2-2-2-3 or something. :lol:

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Yeah, its been another summer of ManYoo being linked with big name players and them going elsewhere. Its been going on for years.


You can't argue with any of the success they had under Fergie, but I don't think its as easy to get away with not buying players that they can clearly afford when the competition is a stable-looking Citeh and Chelsea. Arsenal seem to have got over the "selling club" phase they had after moving stadiums and are now buying Man U level players. Ramsey is also looking like the new Scholes or Lampard. Liverpool too are looking pretty good.


The hype about van Gaal has been massive, so he's got a lot to live up to, balanced squad or no balanced squad. Swansea look like they'll put a good team out, so it should be an intriguing game. Its been a long wait!

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Last chance for predictions, so here goes.


If Aguero stays fit, Citeh will win the league with him top scorer. Chelsea and Arsenal look nailed on for Top 4 too. I guess Liverpool for the 4th spot.


Man U have to go out and buy. I don't really understand the formation tbh. Rooney RVP plus width (di Maria! Januzaj!) makes more sense than shaking the whole team up to accommodate Mata. If Mata can change his game to a more standard center mid like Modric has at Madrid, maybe there is some hope. Two forwards and a pure central AM just looks congested.


Newcastle 12th maybe. Our defence is poor, so possibly worse. Lots of new signings though, so some excitement all the same. The biggest hope is for Pardew will nutt someone, deck a linesman, or call someone else a fahking ol' cant again so we can get rid.

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What was up with Herrara taken off for Bogbrush Head?

Why is he even still there?


The squad is a bit of a mess, but I reckon the new manager dude will sort things out....it might just take a chunk of time.

It is very odd though that united have not strengthened before now.

Very odd indeed.


As Yoda said


If you lose 4 defenders, the logical reaction would be to bring in 4 defenders, not 1.

If your weakest position for 5 seasons is central midfield, the logical reaction would be to bring in a few central midfielders, not 1.

Be it so.


All this doesn't make Moyes any less shite and totally out of his depth in any way, but just for the shits and giggles



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Actually tuning about the baffling Linkin Park Bogbrush Afro-head substitution.


Perhaps van Gaal actually somehow kind of wanted to sabotage the game.

You know, to make it clear how shite some players are and kick the purse string holders in the bottom to spend some dosh.


If United don't spend they'll be lucky to get 4th again and can only expect slight improvements like getting rid of the Moyes smell.

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Moyes has just published his 'Michael Owen Brochure'-a-like, via the Daily Mail, and oh so lovely it is as well. Looking for a new job it seems.


What's the odds that this was in the can for a while and they timed it 'perfectly'.


Damn if we had just given him some more time, we might have got Ronaldo and Bale. That's brill. Oh well, never mind. We'll just have to battle on without him and scrape off the rest of his lingering smelly poo-funk.

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Going over old ground here but I reckon it's a mix of Fergie being just an extraordinary manager, leaving behind a team with issues and further issues close to the surface.

Whoever taking over would have had a huge job to do.

Moyes was obviously way out of his league and not up to the job.

The new guy obviously has lots of achievements and seems more suited, and I reckon he'll drag United back to being better.

Not back to the top this year especially if they don't bring a few more good players in, but definitely start rebuilding.

It might take a year or two but I don't think they'll be away from the top for long. Sadly!

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