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The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

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About last night. We nearly let it go in the last 10-15, what's with that? :confused:


I blame Afro dude. And Moyes. :lol:


Can laugh about it now a bit.


We're in 4th which just seems pretty mad considering our start, though I doubt it will last long. Still, very clear progress which is great. Last year there was none of that and we just got worse and worse.


Chelsea running away with it a bit this season so far hey.

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The only side…..the Tangerine side


Aha ! Pitlochry's only footballing claim to fame - Paul Sturrock !!


Yeah when u said u were from Pitlochry, Luggy instantly sprang to mind :)


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Chelsea win 2-0 using the exact same sucker-punch tactics as when they won at Liverpool last year. At least then gerrard gifted them a lead. A couple of very lucky arsenal players today, should have been a red for at least welbeck.


At Liverpool last year, I thought Chelsea looked disinterested, even in getting a draw. It felt more like a Liverpool non-performance than any tactical masterclass from Mourinho. After the game, he tried to make out that the "we only care about the CL next Wednesday" approach going into it was just a ruse that Liverpool had fallen for, but to me that seemed like he was just bigging himself up again. They played like they weren't even going to counter attack.


The 15 minute delay just meant I fell asleep during the first half, so no comments about yesterday's game.


Another Jeckyl and Hyde win for Man U but a win's a win. Top drawer stuff from De Gea. A bit disappointing from Everton, esp. first half where they put little pressure on the ball. Everton have become kind of the poster boy for second tier clubs in the league, so I'd like to see them do well, just to show that its good to have ambition and it still can be done.

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Gareth Bale wins Welsh player award for record fourth time


Other eligible players were.... well, actually, there weren't any!


Which must mean Giggs or the man mountain that was Nev Southall didn't win it four times. They must spread the love.

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The Premier League is believed to be open to resurrecting the controversial idea of playing a round of competitive matches abroad, given its ever-growing popularity overseas.

The so-called 39th game idea, which would have meant an extra round of fixtures played abroad, was abandoned in 2008 under a hail of criticism from fans, the media and governing bodies and ruled out again by the Premier League chief executive, Richard Scudamore, in 2010. But, given the widespread acceptance of playing regular-season NFL and NBA games in London, there is a growing belief that a version of the idea could be dusted down before the end of the decade.

Building on the lessons of the previous aborted attempt, it would be likely to take the form of an existing round of fixtures played over a single weekend – a “38th game” rather than a 39th.

That would remove some of the concerns around destabilising the integrity of the competition, although there would still be complications around the fact that half of the clubs in the league would play one home fixture fewer per season.

Any attempt to put the idea back on the table – at least five years away given that the tender for the next three-year TV contract based on the current format is presently being drawn up – would be likely to encounter resistance from fans. But Scudamore has already said that the idea would be likely to find favour with clubs that are increasingly looking overseas to build revenues, particularly in the financial fair play era.

At the Premier League’s season launch in August, Scudamore said: “The clubs wanted it then and they all would still probably want it now. It will happen at some point. Whether it is on my watch, who knows?”

The popularity of overseas pre-season matches, particularly in the US, has emboldened clubs to look at other ways of maximising income abroad. Manchester United, in particular, have targeted the US as a huge growth opportunity. More than 109,000 fans watched the team play Real Madrid in a friendly in Michigan in August.

Of the current £5.5bn Premier League TV deal, around £2.1bn is contributed by overseas broadcasters.


Can't people just watch it on the telly or t'inta?

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I think Keano is good value. The comments today about Robbie Savage's answerphone and Sunderland running out to "Dancing Queen" were hilarious.


fwiw I think the Irish FA and Mick McCarthy got much worse from him than Manchester United.

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I see that now Ozil's on the Arsenal sicklist.


While I actually think it's a good thing for arsenal's form that he's not in the team for a bit, it does make me wonder what the hell goes on in training to make all these players crocked! What does Arsene do, ban calcium or something?!

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