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Guess which Japanese ski resort gets the most page views on SnowJapan

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It probably had so many hits that it crashed and re-set the system, before Sj's Bob could get his tech paws on the data

OK here's the answers.


As you might expect, all of the usual suspects are near the top of the list so the top 3 only is hardly a 'whole picture', but that was my challenge.

There's all sorts of things going on that affect the numbers, including stuff like big boosts in numbers if an outside page on another popular site links in, search results, silly meaningless 'bots' (though we tried to ignore those), etc.

So pinches of salt required, but interesting all the same.

Further analysis will, of course, remain top secret. Got to keep some bit of mystery.


Season as a whole:


1 Hakuba Happo-one

2 Hakuba Goryu

3 Zao Onsen




1 Fujiten Snow Resort

2 Hakuba Goryu

3 Zao Onsen




1 Niseko Grand Hirafu

2 Hakuba Happo-one

3 GALA Yuzawa




Unfortunately, no-one won the top prize of a week's luxury accommodation at Mt Granview plus spending cash prize of 500,000 yen.

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