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Seiyu's got a 2 for 280 yen offer on their 330ml British beers, so they're effectively 200 yen for 500ml again. Just above happo-shu price.


Yep, not a bad deal. Seiyu seem to be branching out and using their international supply chain to bring in new products from around the world. Although, it's a shame that the are selling the 330ml bottle of Spitfire and not the 500ml from earlier on this year.

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I just read up on that as I didn't know.


Asti is a region of northern Italy. Seems Tosti is one of the companies that makes Asti, the kind of sparkling wine.


Not keen on champagne myself

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Just one thing I want to say before this forum closes....I love Happo-shu!

There i have said it.


And to think I thought you were a stand up guy!!



Spent this afternoon supping pints of Yebisu Creamy top in Darwins pub in Sapporo....600¥ for a pint during happy hour makes it about the same price as back home

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