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Maiko Snow Resort (Minamiuonuma, Niigata) - 10th January 2014

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I think he might have been Metabo Oyaji. :lol:


Hokkaidough, pretty much all of my photos taken standing on a course/run.

The only places I have gone out from a course area is the top of Happo-one in Hakuba and the top of Tanigawa Tenjindaira in Minakami, and even then only a very short distance.




Can hardly believe it.....it's snowing again now!

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What an amazing day! I only got to look at the clear up from the window at work but I recently pulled a muscle in my back so that might be a good thing :lol:


Beautiful photos. I have to get to a Minamiuonuma resort this year!

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Great pics as always Muika. I was going to go out today,all that snow from yesterday, but got work came in that I could not avoid.

Maybe I will be out tomorrow, if I can get my work done tonight which I need to do.

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Just spent an extremely enjoyable afternoon at Maiko. Was really into it.

On my own, so spent some time faffing about with my iphone on the lift as you can see below.

Felt liberating not having a camera bag on my back actually.

















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Went back to Maiko today. Here's just a few phone snaps to get an idea of what it was like. I wasn't thinking of photos today, just enjoying the snow.


Snow was actually better than I was expecting as a friend went on Saturday and said it was awful and the snow was more brown than white. It was spring like and a bit sugar-y by early afternoon, but not brown!


It doesn't look it on these but it was fairly busy for a weekday I thought.











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