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No, not a relative of muikabochi or tokabochi, but a phenm of 64.5% of people spending Christmas Ibu alone. No doubt scoffing Kentucky.







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I just spent the last few hours painstaikingly translating that. And for your non Japanese readers, here's what it says:


















"Chestnut lonely" - 64.5% to spend Eve in one all alone


Simply because I spend with partners , purse strings is also a loose -prone " Christmas Eve " . However , it does not lead to consumption activities if there are no other party to the point .


The survey restaurant reservation site is intended for about 1800 men and women 20-30 years of age on " Christmas dinner " , 70% men , 58% women and answers to " no one is going out ." And that seen in men and women mean , that there is no lover to Eve 64.5% .


Among young people , it has been established to call the " chestnut lonely " over alone , to spend one all alone in the Eve . Market research personnel reservation site to predict "if there are no partners young people , money is not even over Christmas " he said. However , I have analyzed that as should yearning luxurious Christmas for young people , the person in charge " would be real intention of that have to move away from the first state of the "chestnut lonely."



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