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Thanks Muikabochi.


Not good news at all. Perhaps by next weekend it will have sorted itself out.


I am an optimist.


Meanwhile, my brother is sending pictures and reports of deep fluffy stuff from Fernie, Canada. That is the main reason waiting for the season to start this year is harder than usual.

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My wife and I were at the local neighborhood annual meeting today.


Part of the huge resort complex that is Mt Granview is in our neighborhood so there were a few Mt Granview related things, some of which I cannot reveal at this time (as you might expect).


It was funny though, at the nomikai part at the end when the beer and sake was flowing, I overheard one of the old guys mentioning to my wife next to me how they were really surprised at the number of foreigners at Mt Granview this year. (I don't think he knew what I did or anything like that, he just came up with it).



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