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Katashina and Oze resorts now 15 minutes closer!

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The Shiisaka Tunnel opened on Friday and now there's much less curves and it has also shaved 15 minutes off driving time between Numata IC and the skijo in Katashina/Oze.



I will be going this season to celeblate.



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Actually the big scary looking triangular オルゴール館 closed last year, bankruptcy it seems






Which left the little cafe place that overlooks Numata. Don't know about that, I went in there many years ago.

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Seems to be 34km to White World (goolgle says 49 minutes) and 41km to Marunuma Kogen (55 minutes).

With the new road and google always taking longer than it actually does, I'd say about 30-40 minutes to White World ad 40-50 minutes to Marunuma.



Perhaps that's because google assumes observing the speed limits. ;)

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