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The OFFICIAL SnowJapan Achievements Thread

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Im a gamer. I LOVE games. Achievements, (for them that dont know), are just pointless little trophies you acquire by doing silly tasks while playing the game anyway. They dont help you beat the game, they just say you achieved something. I reckon we should have a list of our own. In fact i think this should be a feature, its *that* GENIUS!!! Only problem is im not funny enough to come up with the title names, nor imaginitive enough to think of achievements themselves. Kinda sucky start to the thread, but the idea is too good to not push it.


But heres a few to get started:


1. Can you switch my Gopro On?: Hit up Niseko and Hakuba in a single season

2. Insomnia... (I cant gets no sleep!): Spend a night in the Onsen near Gala Yuzawa Station

3. Innaganoitsdeeper: Ride the following: Hakuba (any), Nozawa, Shiga Kogen, Kijimadaira, Ryuoo, Sugadaira, Madarao,

4. Napolenums big white Harse: Ride all the main resorts at Happo1, 47/goryu, Iwatake, Tsugaike, Norikura, and Cortina.

5. Dr Livingstone I presume?: Ride all four areas in Sugadaira in a single day using only public transport AND completing the epic traverse from pine peak 1 and 2 (both directions).

6. G...g...g.....g..g.g..ggg..granview (Open all hours!): Visit the World Famous Mt Granview resort and actually pay to ride it.

7. Mondaysgoingtohurt: Take a night bus to a resort on Friday night then return on Monday morning before work.

8. No sleep caffeine de sampler: Try every coffee in the the vending machines at Suwako rest/truck stop on the Chuo expressway.

9. Meat Meet echineko.

10. Helis-a-poppin: Catch a ride on the Tsugaiki heli-ski operation.

11. Are we there, Yeti?: Ride the lifts, enjoy the queues, use the noobs as an obstacle course! RIDE (near) Mt. FUJI at the infamous Snow Town Yeti

12. The Rough Rambler: Gnarly Hike Kandatsu Kogen

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Photo taken by the Emergency Telephone Box and uploaded to SJ here.


Actually could take that further to encourage photo uploads and new resort reviews.


(BTW, where is 'Yuzawa Onsen'? There's lots of onsen in Yuzawa).

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Im stealing this one direct from warcraft.


Are we there, Yeti?: Ride the lifts, enjoy the queues, use the noobs as an obstacle course! Board ON (near) Mt. FUJIs infamous Snow Town Yeti.

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hahaha, this list cracks me up. I can see the trophy's popping up now (playstation)!


How about "beat Tokyo traffic leaving and returning the same day on a weekend". Don't leave early enough and you'll be stuck with everyone else trying to leave.....get greedy on the mountain and you'll be stuck on the way home, lol!

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Well, I wasn't. :ashamed:

But my cheese was. :groovy:


Pfft!! Counts for nothing!! ;)


Well, now I'm bereft.

What a day: first I find out I'm not related to a famous scumbag after all, and next my gnarliness-by-cheese-proxy is denied.



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