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The FOOTBALL Thread (2013-2014)

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I can't understand why they play at 1am.

Surely all of the fans going would prefer it not be at that silly time, and it must be very bothersome for people living in the houses surrounding the stadiums as well,what with all those people walking around in the early hours.



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Even before we get those fixtures, let me begin by confidently predicting that it'll be out year.

Champions League round of 16 draw:

Manchester City v Barcelona

Olympiakos v Manchester United

AC Milan v Atletico Madrid

Bayer Leverkusen v Paris St-Germain

Galatasaray v Chelsea

Schalke v Real Madrid

Zenit St Petersburg v Dortmund

Arsenal v Bayern Munich

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Mad how the same old names crop up all the time isn't it.


Board meeting:


Oh, yes, he was sacked for being crap multiple times, a proven record of being crap, he's dead expensive and we'll probably need to sack him and pay him a bundle within few years (probably sooner) --- yes, let's sign him up!!!

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