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Picture if you will a poor little fat kid getting his first intercity bus. Its a 5 1/2 hour journey so he brought snacks. He is fat, thats what fat people do. Now picture him walking up to the driver

Yes, I can vouch that Ippy is a real person and a very messy room-mate!  

Ippy doesn't have sex though. He finds it troublesome, or something.

chinas nice. :)

The jobs gonna be hell though :(


28 classes per week. They were keen to stress that im getting it easy because ive only started. Once i get used to it, i "may" (re: will), be on a proper schedule of 34 or so classes/week

These are tied into a text book which i cannot avoid using. The company i work for absolutely insist i must teach to them. They are wildly optimistic if you ask me. Well meaning text book, has lots of group production activities and even choose your own discussion topics, but yeah... im not sure its level appropriate for anything other than high level small scale classes. But we shall see! :) Oh, and being the number 4 best school in tianjin (theres at LeAST 42 jhs since my school is near Tianjin number 42 JHSchool), the school are apparently rather demanding.


i also have a 64km commute every wed/thu involving an EPIC subway journey (about 2 hours) and 2 taxi rides book-ending it. Im strongly comtemplating spending every wednesday evening in a hotel to avoid the commute.


The apartment ive just signed the lease on can only be described as ghetto. It was the best of the around 11 apartments we saw today. If you want anything near japanese simple standards, youre paying about 4000/month id say. Mine cost 1700/month. Do the math! :)

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Ha! Eikaiwa is a doddle. Turn up, play stupid games or turn up and spend an hour chatting about something. The end. This is proper grown up teaching to middle and Senior high classes (all classes are 40-55 students).


Kids are really sweet though. Just spent the week (actually its been a day and half but it already feels like a week - im puckered!) flirting with the text book and actually doing the following three things:


1. QA (all stand up, ask questions, they answer they can sit down - with 50 kids! wheee! half the lesson gone).

2. 10 answers on the board about me, they have to think of the question. Takes ages.

3. My ppt self introduction with a handy map of the world so i can spend 15 minutes dragging kids up and pointing out various countries.


Thats it. Didnt start doing step 2 until the afternoon yesterday, so had to actually try and get them to discuss shit about the theme theyre gonna cover. Not easy. But thats nice. I can re-write my lesson plan and do this weeks lesson plan next week and just do the intro this week for the next 18 classes - 7 today :(


As for the girls, theyre a) diverse. So many faces in china. Andb) theyre pretty tall. In fact pretty much everyone from 15 to 25 are kinda tall. I actually had a scary moment when i did my usual walking up and down the rows of students and suddenly realised i was pretty much surrounded by basketball players or something. About 7 kids in those two rows were over 6 foot. Im a teensy 5.9. I now know how my pipsqueek dad felt when my generation added a couple more nches to the standard height.


Girls are cute. They dont wear makeup, but honestly if youre waiting for a 9 or a 10 you might see 1 or 2/day. Id say the average is 6-7. :) Lots of plain weather-beaten faces and functional clothing. Not from communism i should add, just from the sheer length of a days work. I dont know what i expected to be honest, but its hard to even see remnants of communism out there. If anything, thailand was far more militaristic and in your face about authoritarianism. Just feels a lot like japan/korea.

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